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pols science( use course material)

course materials:

  • Textbook
  • David L. Paletz, Diana Owen, and Timothy E. Cook’s American Government and Politics in the Information Age, v. 3.0

A.  Current Issues: Asylum, Caravans and the Southern Border

Border Crisis:

1. Watch: award winning documentary by Frontline July 2018)

Background: Caravan: What is it and Why does it Matter? ( (BBC News Nov. 2018)

A Record Number of Migrant Families are Showing up at the Border ( (April 2019)


“I’m a Survivor of Violence”: Portrait of Women Waiting for Asylum ( (BBC Jan 2019)

Background:  Trump Wants Asylum Seekers to Wait in Mexico; it’s not that simple  (

US Judge Stalls Enforcement of Trump Asylum Restrictions ( (AP Nov. 2018)

B. Following the Issue: For future reference

Buzzfeed: Adolfo Flores ( (journalist filing regular reports from the border region)

In the Thick (  (Podcast by two journalists covering immigration and other relevant issues) See especially episodes: “LIVE in Mexico: More than a Passage Route” and “The American Nightmare”)

National Immigration Law Center ( (information and resources about legal rights and current events)

United We Dream  ( (largest youth-led immigration organization in the U.S.)


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