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Political Science Paper

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.


Pols 6490 Discussion Paper Assignment

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Pols 6490 Discussion Paper Assignment


In history, no other great power nation has had a more successful foreign policy than the
United States. Experience and history prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes
of republican government (Mead, 2001).


Trump’s foreign policy has always appeared as a manifestation of his personality—
devoid of clear value and purpose, improvisational and impulsive.


Additionally, it drives our economic prosperity. Biden’s foreign policy focuses more on
Hamilton’s principal of the school of thought as he seeks to sharpen America’s innovative edge,
improve the trade policy and enhance the country’s economic security.


Biden Jr, J. R. (2020). Why American Must Lead Again: Recusing US Foreign Policy after
Trump. Foreign Aff., 99, 64.
Fox, M. (2018). Trump a neophyte on foreign policy, not doing the US any good tweeting:
Former diplomat Haass. CNBC. Retrieved from
Mead, W. R. (2001). The American Foreign Policy Legacy. Foreign Affairs, 163-176.
Rolf, J. N. (2021). Donald Trump’s Jacksonian and Jeffersonian foreign policy. Policy
Studies, 42(5-6), 662-681.


Pols 6490 Discussion Paper As…

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