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IIT Wk 2 History Why Have Women Been Invisible in Computing Histories Paper

The ENIAC “Girls” (And How They Got That Way)

Shirley, Let IT Go, pp. 1-17

Light, “When Computers Were Women” pp. 455-483, whole article—images at end of article

Shetterly, Hidden Figures Excerpts, pages 9-17 and 107-115

Try using the archives of Ebony Magazine and Jet Magazine. What sorts of things can you learn about white and Black women computer workers from looking at these archives?

Try to come up with a question, based on the readings, and use these archives to answer it. Or, do a series of searches and find one or two interesting articles, and then tell us how they show us something new–something you didn’t already know. What we can you find in these archives that helps us understand the past’s relationship to the present (and future) a bit better? In addition to articles, feel free to also talk about advertisements, photos, obituaries, or anything else in these newspaper and magazine sources that’s related to the topic.


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