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EDU 612 Grand Canyon University Performance Assessment Test Questions

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.


Performance Assessment Test

Students Name
Professor’s Name
Institutional Affiliation
Date of Submission

Identifying Big Ideas from Unwrapped Standards:
1. Know the various ways one can improve the muscle strength
2. Understand the cooperation of various body parts during movements
3. Expand knowledge on the many simple and fun task one can practice every day
4. Know how to interact with others and learn new things from each other

Essential Questions from Big Ideas to Guide Instruction and Assessment:
1. How long does it take for one to strengthen their muscles
2. Can one become flexible when doing regular exercise
3. How do the muscles in different parts cooperate so that there is movement? (Hay,
4. Does one have to do the exercises daily?
Assessment Title:
Overview of Performance Assessment:
(Summary of the assessment with a brief synopsis of each task)
1. To play table tennis, one has to have the concentration to play longer; this boosts the
student’s concentration level.
2. Badminton is a great game that strengthens the player’s muscles, improves their vision,
and helps them become more accurate since they have to be accurate when playing the
3. Mountain climbing helps the student to endure challenging situations because climbing
the mountain requires a lot of energy.
4. Long tennis helps the student become energetic when targeting and shooting the ball at

the opponent.

Task Planning Guide (“SQUARE”)
Which STANDARD(s) and indicators will this task target?

The task is to help the student understand the need to exercise to keep fit despite
maintaining a healthy diet. All students need to participate in any activity they find

Which Essential QUESTION will this task address?

How the body responds to exercise and constant body movements

Which UNWRAPPED content knowledge and skills will this task develop?

The task will help the students understand the various simple exercise they need to do
daily. The students will also learn how to cooperate because the exercise will involve
other students.

What APPLICATION of learning will this task require? (What will the students do or
Produce in this task?)

The students need to organize themselves in groups of two or three and decide which
game they find fascinating and participate in doing the activities, then provide a summary
of how they did and if they liked the task given or not.

What instruction, information, and RESOURCES (including technology connections and related
URLs) will students need first?

The students need to know how to do the chosen task; therefore, before participating in
any activity, they should watch the selected task tutorials on YouTube to avoid mistakes.


What individual EVIDENCE of learning will this task provide? (How will you know by t…


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