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American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Services Event Marketing Paper

Just to give you a general explanation on the event idea so you can work on the marketing
aspect of it and please see the “PCMA Proposal MSU Denver – Jodi Tysinger” I’ve sent first to
have an idea how I want the Marketing section
Event Name
Discover Saudi
It is a tourism and cultural event that aims to promote Saudi Arabia by covering
tourism experiences, attractions, and activities. The event will also allow business
owners to understand the Saudi Market better and collaborate with Saudi businesses.
The event will illustrate the 13 different provinces with a variety of tourism activities
and 13 different provinces with a variety of culture and tourism activities. The event
also aims to show sustainable practices in Saudi that agree with the UN’s SDGs for
the Travel & Tourism industry. That includes decent work, economic growth,
responsible consumption, and life below water.
Mission &
Type of
business event
An exhibition that takes you on a journey to discover the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Industry /
sector focus
Cultural – Tourism
Event goals
– Promote tourism of Saudi Arabia in the United States.
-Attracts potential businesses who aim to collaborate with the Saudi government.
-Showcase Saudi’s future plans on sustainable tourism.
New York (During the UN period Sept/Dec)
key target
– SEMs business owners who aim to collaborate in the tourism industry.
– investors / DMOs/ travel agents/tour operators/travel
writers/generalist/influencers and SMEs bloggers, and industry influencers.
We are not looking for an end customer
I need specific explanation on how the marketing aspect of the event going to be please see the
“PCMA Proposal MSU Denver – Jodi Tysinger” I’ve sent first to have an idea how I want the
Target market:
investors / DMOs/ travel agents/tour operators/travel writers/generalist/influencers and SMEs
Selected marketing & communication channels:


PCMA Competition Event Proposal
Joangela DeLorenzo, Lecheng Gao, Bethany Lengacher, Cate Roop
Department of HHS, Purdue University
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jun
November 8th, 2021
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Executive Summary…………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 2
Introduction …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3
Association Overview …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3
NVLA Goals and SMART Objectives………………………………………………………………………………… 4
Landscape Analysis PEST & SWOT Analysis ………………………………………………………………………… 6
Comparative Event Research ………………………………………………………………………………………… 8
Event Concept ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. 10
The Event and its Purpose …………………………………………………………………………………………… 10
Stakeholder Management ……………………………………………………………………………………………… 11
Detailed Program ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 12
Technology ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 16
Operational Plan …………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 19
Site Selection & Analysis …………………………………………………………………………………………….. 19
Registration and Housing Plan …………………………………………………………………………………….. 22
Risk management and prevention …………………………………………………………………………………… 27
Marketing Plan ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 32
Target Markets Overview ……………………………………………………………………………………………. 32
Product, Price, Place, and Promotion …………………………………………………………………………… 32
Financial Plan ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. 35
Evaluation Plan & Attendee Survey …………………………………………………………………………………. 38
Evaluating the Convention ………………………………………………………………………………………….. 38
Attendee Survey ………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 38
References/Appendices …………………………………………………………………………………………………. 39
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Executive Summary
The National Van Life Association is a new community dedicated to forming lasting
connections between current and prospective van-lifers while providing information on the ins
and outs of van life–from the glamorous down to the nitty-gritty. The New York Times reports
that in 2019, the U.S. Census Bureau estimated that around 140,000 people were living in vans,
vehicles, or boats, with that number projected to increase by 30% annually at that time (Pietsch,
2021). The same article explains that many of the people who have lived nomadically in this way
for years are excited about the opportunity to share their lifestyle with newcomers but are
concerned that they are not being educated on the most important features of van living. The
large number of current vanlifers, the massive growth rate of this community, and the collective
desire to help educate newcomers all point to a need for the National Van Life Association
For the association’s first event, the NVLA will be hosting a medium-sized convention
open to members only; it will be a 3-day, 2-night convention in May of 2023. The event will
boast main events, including main speakers who are experienced van lifers, DNR
representatives, and other professionals in fields related to van conversion or living, (refer to the
detailed program schedule). NVLA is excited to offer its first annual convention. It will be
opened to all members for registration, with early registration offered to upper-level members.
The event will be capped at 7500 attendees to keep it to a manageable size for the venue and
vendor planning. It is an exciting opportunity for the NVLA to expand to a large community and
share its mission to educate individuals to shift to mobile living.
An overarching theme for the event will be the NVLA’s partnership with Rubies LV, a
not-for-profit organization that is dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking in Las Vegas
find healing and safety. The event will include a service day to help this organization serve the
surrounding community and will have representatives come and educate our attendees about the
dangers and ways they can help fight trafficking in their travels. Finally, individual workshops
taught by educator-level NVLA members will be held sporadically through the event to help
members engage and have hands-on learning opportunities. More in depth information regarding
the workshops and schedule can be found in the event concept and detailed schedule.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Association Overview
National Van Life Association
The NVLA exists to connect and equip current and prospective (future) individuals who
aim to convert their lifestyle to travel and explore the USA through mobile living. Some of our
stakeholders include current vanlifers, future vanlifers, state parks that will be hosting these
travelers, campgrounds, mobile living vehicle/equipment providers, conversion companies, auto
sales companies, and law enforcement all across the country.
Van life is an up-and-coming lifestyle that is projected to continue growing as remote
work is more and more prevalent in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many experienced
van dwellers have individual blogs and websites dedicated to sharing their experiences, however,
those aiming to enter the mobile living community find it difficult to get connected and find the
resources they need. The NVLA aims to fill this information gap and connect current and future
van-lifers to share critical information to aid in the lifestyle shift.
Our Mission and Vision
We are one: explorers, roamers, adventurers. The NVLA connects every current and future
vandweller into a greater community of mobile livers, cultivating a family of members who share
knowledge and train each other to better the lifestyle and well-being of everyone involved. The
association seeks to provide the opportunity for every mobile liver in the United States to feel
secure and educated in their new lifestyle.
Membership Breakdown
The NVLA offers various levels of membership to provide tailored experiences for each
member based on their goals in joining the association.
Entry-level memberships (Nomad memberships) are intended to be for people who do not
currently live mobile but seek to convert in the future. Their memberships serves as a means to
get involved in the van-life community before making the switch, while being paired with an
experienced member (a vandweller or vagabond-level member) to learn the tricks of the trade
from other members.
General members are called Vandwellers, and this membership is intended for people who
already have made the switch and are living in vans. Vandwellers get all the same association
access plus a premium access to the online database of members and network resources,
allowing them to reach out and arrange meet-ups and connect with members in their area.
General members are also allowed to vote on association issues and get additional perks from
association partners and sponsors.
The highest form of membership is the Vagabond, which is intended for serious, experienced
vanlifers who wish to use their experiences more publicly to teach the association as a whole,
more than just in the partnership setting. Vagabonds will be used as session teachers at events
like the annual NVLA convention, will be published in video productions on the website, will
partner with the NVLA to create topical curricula of training videos that are posted and shared
with the entire association, and will be promoted as the leading members of the association.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
A summary of all the benefits of
each membership tier and the price of
membership can be found in the figure
immediately to the right. It is important
to note that these membership prices
are for 2-year membership periods.
Members are welcome to upgrade to a
different membership tier at any point
and are permitted to reduce or end their
membership at the end of each
membership period. The NVLA can
operate on these low rates because the
members are the ones creating and
consuming the content offered. In this
way, every member adds value, and
each upper-level member has the
opportunity to pay it forward in the
hopes that new members will use the
resources offered by NVLA
membership to grow their knowledge
and experience base and return the
favor to the association in the future.
Access to the annual convention
will cost members extra, as it is
something not included in the operating
expenses covered by membership fees.
However, event registration prices are
based on membership types, as there is
a discounted price for upper-level
members to thank them for their
contribution to the event execution and
the bank of resources they have
provided for the association as a whole.
Figure 1 – National Van Life Association Membership Tiers
NVLA Goals and SMART Objectives
The NVLA has several goals for the event being proposed, which are outlined below.
These goals are overarching to meet the mission and vision of the association, and are broken
down into objectives that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.
1. Train all attendees on the global impact of travel in human trafficking and how they
can help fight it.
a. Partner with professionals in at least 3 fields to develop an online curriculum
teaching impactful ways that vanlifers can combat human trafficking in their
everyday life; distribute the virtual curriculum to all attendees.
b. Add value to the community of the event by partnering with a local
association to directly combat human trafficking in that area.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
c. Hold 5 identical training sessions throughout the event in human trafficking
awareness and conscientiousness; encourage all event attendees to attend one
of these trainings.
2. Provide a space for members to connect, form lasting relationships, and access an
experience they cannot find anywhere else.
a. Secure 7500 attendees to come to the event in person and 2500 to participate
in the hybrid portion of the event.
b. Devote 25% of the event space to casual, interaction-encouraging seating
space in which attendees can meet and connect.
c. Set up an online network through the event app before the event to encourage
and enable attendee interaction in the time leading up to the event.
3. Teach attendees skills that will benefit them in their mobile living in the future.
a. Upload all workshop talks, speaker presentations, and training sessions on a
shared app that attendees can access during and after the event.
b. Offer speaker sessions on 3 different van-life related topics, and more
exclusive hands-on workshops on at least 5 topics, taught by experienced vanlifers or professionals in fields related to the workshop topic.
c. Perform surveys before and after the event to determine which topics are most
relevant and helpful for attendees, for this year’s event and those to come.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Landscape Analysis PEST & SWOT Analysis
The team chose to analyze the current environment (internally and externally) to be
aware of the setting in which this event will be presented. Without full awareness of the
positioning of the event, there is a chance that opportunities for expansion/satisfaction will be
missed, or crucial errors will be made in execution that could mean devastating blows to event’s
and the association’s reputation as a whole.
This environment analysis took the form of a SWOT analysis that evaluates the internal
strengths and weaknesses and the external opportunities and threats posed to the association and
the convention being planned. Additionally, when observing external factors, an additional tool
known as PEST analysis helped break down the factors into political, economic, social, and
technological categories for a more in-depth look at that target market.
Strengths (internal)
Weaknesses (internal)

There is already a very strong existing
following of van-life related topics on all
social media platforms; will tap into those
communities for marketing.

During COVID-19, local logistics supply
chain is limited, and for that reason it
might take longer to get materials and
services (Madray, 2020).

Because of COVID-19, people will pay
more attention to events through social
media (Mason, 2021).

The event provides opportunities for
prospective van-lifers to benefit and bring
business to our sponsors and partner
companies, so there is a chance for all
exhibitors and attendees to benefit.
Due to the high transmission capacity of
the virus, it will be very difficult to
manage the exhibition site, and wearing
masks for a long time may worsen the
experience of participants should local
guidelines require them at the time of the
event (Madray, 2020).

Vanlifers have had trouble navigating
local mandates related to COVID-19 and
the law enforcement surrounding stay-athome mandates.

There are few existing organizations or
institutions in the industry or in the market
for Van Life; existing events are catered
specifically to those who are already living
mobile and not to people who are looking
for information on how to get started.

Since Van Life is mostly autonomous
activities, members’ travel is more
determined by their own choices and not
affected by COVID-19.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Opportunities (external)
Threats (external)
– Political
– Political
o Because the country has a stable
o Some modifications to van interiors
political system, our event can make
and equipment may involve illegal
strategies based on the stable political
modifications (non-conforming to
road laws)
environment (Delener, 2010.)
o Laws and regulations on
– Economic
transportation and accommodation
o The higher GDP growth rate in this
for van life vary from region to
country signals growing demand in the
economy (Delener, 2010)
(look up struggles people have
o Workforce productivity in US has
experienced in vanlife with laws)
grown by 25-30 % in last two decades,
– Economic
that means more skilled workforce
o Attendees will be from all financial
(BLS, 2021)
backgrounds, so the event cannot
– Social
cater to just one class
o There is a demand for a more
– Social
educational community of van-lifers to
o Potential stigma around “van life”
connect and share knowledge
that makes light of the poverty some
o Las Vegas is number 11 on the top 13
people face that forces them to live
cities in the US that have a child sex
in a vehicle
trafficking problem (opportunity for
o Everyone has a different reason for
wanting to live mobile; these
o There are already many existing
differences might make it difficult to
organizations dedicated to fighting
provide something for everyone at
human trafficking that could be
the event
partners in LV (SHERO Foundation
– Technology
o The auto industry has been hit
especially hard by the one-two
o The event venue is located in a country
punch of a shortage of vital
with leading technology, which will
computer chips that’s hampered
make work easier, cheaper and more
production. Attendees may not want
efficient to put hybrid events
to enter van life during the market
o Technology transfer and licensing
policies and a higher proportion of
o A typical van conversion starts by
digital drive can avoid intellectual
gutting a utility van before replacing
property theft and corruption in the
the interior with the makings of a
process of influence
mobile home: loft beds, mini sinks,
o Online video sharing is a good tool to
toilets, refrigerators and built-in
share information before, during, and
seating. Which means it can be a
after events to attendees (hybrid and in
costly activity.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Capitalizing on Strengths and Opportunities
Relying on good local technical reserves and venues, the venue layout and management
plan should be completed as soon as possible. With strong social media marketing combined
with the general educational background of the local population, we can more effectively and
more targeted advocacy and advertising campaigns to increase impact. Due to the impact of
tourism on the local economy, there will be an opportunity to establish contacts and cooperation
with local governments in various tourist destinations.
Overcoming Weaknesses and Threats
When faced with practical problems, potential solutions can be found by learning from
the experience of similar exhibitions and successful exhibitions held during the pandemic.
Communicate and negotiate with local suppliers and potential partners on a technical level to get
the help of an experienced team. Organize small teams with clear responsibilities to plan and
monitor progress and assign special individuals or teams to deal with unexpected events in the
preparation process. Looking for sponsors and target groups for events needs to include as many
income groups as possible. Security teams and special arrangements will be deployed to separate
and control crowd flow. Many people have been unable to do traditional travel; use this
weakness as a means to get people’s attention to attend the event.
Comparative Event Research
In addition to analyzing the strengths and weaknesses that the association will be carrying
into the event planning an execution, the team also chose to research what other events like this
one are already being offered. It was pleasant to find that not many van-life events are nationally
promoted, and of them, none appear to resemble the educational focus of the NVLA’s new event.
Below are the descriptions of the events that were selected to compare to the NVLA Convention.
The Asheville Vanlife Rally is an annual festival that has been operating for 7 years
(though the event was postponed this year) (SimpleTix 2021). It is essentially a giant mobile
meet-up combined with a street fair—which sounds like an absolute blast! It is 4 days long and
intended for people who already live in vans. This event does not have an educational aspect-just a community aspect. The team would like to accomplish the connection and fun-filled
excitement of this event while combining it with a greater focus on educating and equipping new
vanlifers for mobile living and combat of human trafficking and other unsustainable practice.
Adventure Van Expo is an exposition-style event that is open to the public. This event
seems to be similar to a car show, where attendees go to see the vans and make connections, take
pictures, get inspired, and vote on their favorites. There is not any additional workshop action or
interactive experience that occurs (Adventure Van 2021). This appears to be common with van
life events; lots of community establishment between current vanlifers. but hardly anything to
bring in newcomers or introduce new ideas to the community.
Van Fest appears to be the “Coachella” of vanlife events; it is a festival, complete with
vendors, sponsors, live music and performances, beautiful people and a wide Instagram
following (VanFest 2021). Since this event revolves mainly around the current influencers who
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
make van life look glamorous (again, just like Coachella), it is not very close to the vision the
team has for the NVLA Convention: it does not offer what our association does, which is the
goal of pulling new people into van life all year, not just during the event, and not just because it
“looks cool.”
The next consideration is not an event, but it is an organization that has a goal that is
similar to that of our association. Sekr is an app that was developed by full-time van-lifers who
wanted to make it easier to find campsites and community. They provide a platform for weekly
meetup for anyone who has the app, but they also have blog posts on helpful travel tips, a
community network aspect to help people connect virtually, and other resources like those that
the association wants to offer (Sekr 2021). Our association will need to be different from this app
in that it is based on membership and focused on helping people enter van life instead of just
helping them navigate once they are already in van life.
Finally, the NVLA wanted to look at convention and conference trends that would be
helpful to incorporate into its event. To do so, and to incorporate the focus on fighting human
trafficking, the team researched events that incorporated community service and partnerships
into the schedules of their events. In 2014, the Association of Asthma Educators’ annual
convention included a community service project similar to one that the association would like to
provide through our convention; attendees of that event used their know-how and a little on-thespot training to hold a clinic for grade school students to get asthma screenings and receive
educational information about the difficulties faced by children with asthma. Something like this
community service aspect would be a great way for the NVLA to partner with a local community
organization in the location of the event and provide a meaningful contribution to the fight
against human trafficking, as is the overarching theme for our event.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Event Concept
The Event and its Purpose
The NVLA Convention event is a convention focused on education, providing resources,
and networking. There will be educational resources for newcomers wanting to learn how to get
started, through presentations from experienced van-lifers and one-on-one consulting.
Educational presentations will also target current van-lifers on how to enhance their lifestyle and,
as this year’s theme, integrate anti-trafficking practices into their van life. There will also be
safety-training courses throughout the event for all attendees. A big part of our event will be
more casual interaction encouraging space to to connect prospective and current van-lifers and
encourage them to network and share contacts. The hope is that these connections will grow the
community and build life-long relationships. The exhibition includes speaker panels, informative
talks, hands-on workshops and other activities around the venue to allow all members to
experience and learn new things about van-life. Exhibitors from all aspects of van-life will be
attending to support every level of van-lifer. These include exhibitors focused on auto, travel,
community, and more.
The convention will be held in the middle of May right before the boom and hot season
in Las Vegas. This will be before the van-lifers will plan their summer trips. Las Vegas was
chosen because it is a hub between many man road trip hotspots. The team has also have
identified Las Vegas as a location where human trafficking is a major issue. Our event will
accommodate around 7,500 people in person and 2,500 online Revenue streams include
membership fees, attendee registrations (pricing structure based on various breakdown fees),
sponsorships, ancillary programs, etc.
Since attendees will not be traveling internationally to come to the event (as the members
are all within the United States), the main issue related to COVID-19 is the transmission levels
of the locations from which attendees will be traveling. The NVLA wants to take reasonable
precautions to keep attendees safe, and for that reason, until further notice, will be requiring
attendees to wear masks in the indoor spaces at the event regardless of vaccination status. Masks
will not be required outdoors in the educational and exposition areas; this follows the most recent
CDC updates related to large group events and travel situations (Schoening, 2021).
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Stakeholder Management
The Convention’s 5 most important stakeholder groups are divided into internal and
external stakeholders; the external stakeholder groups include law enforcement entities, state
parks, and auto companies, and the internal stakeholders include current and future van-lifers
(our two main types of members).
The role of law enforcement in our association is important because they are responsible
for a large part of the safety aspect in van life. Wherever van-lifers go, law enforcement always
plays a part. Their role will be to help inform and prepare van-lifers for all necessary details of
staying safe. State parks have value as a stakeholder because they are promoting and gaining
traction to their parks. Their role is to supply the members with potential sites to visit and
explore. Auto companies gain value from our association by advertising their products and
services and showcasing their brand. Their role will be to guide members on different types of
vehicles, converting the vehicles, and other automotive possibilities.
Current and future van lifers are the biggest stakeholders for our association. They are the
ones directly connected with the association and have the biggest impact. NVLA creates great
opportunities and experiences for these stakeholders.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Detailed Program
The NVLA Convention will feature three main types of attractions: the general exhibition
areas in the indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces, the main speaker sessions (one offered each
day on a different topic), and the advanced classes offered by professionals through each day.
These will be the main attractions listed on the following schedules which show the tentative
flow of each day. The workshops will be changed as the event date nears and attendee feedback
shows the topics that attendees would like to learn about.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Day 3 (virtual):
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
9:00 am: Recordings of past two event days available
9:00 am: Interactive common rooms open all day – connect with other members of all levels,
walk around as a virtual character, complete mini scavenger hunt through different national parks
with challenges in each section, earn points throughout the day for prizes at the final session.
Prizes include sticker packs (4 winners), a national park pass (three winners), and
backpacking/camping/safety “all you could ever need” kit (two winners)
10:00 am: Live sessions begin.
Topics include
10:00 am: Van tours, interactive, 360 virtual tour, click on specific parts of van – displays
workshops for that section
11:00 am: Connect with a Van Lifer – meet in a small break out room with one of our
Vagabond members or featured guests
12:00 pm: Creating a road trip – participate in creating your very own road trip, design
which parks to hit and what sites to see, complete individually or with other members
1:00 pm: Q & A – ask Vagabond members and featured guests any and all questions
2:30 pm: Finalizing the weekend – final live session, appreciation and next year’s event details
The schedule is broken up to provide a variety of opportunities for all members, divided in ways
that allow members to attend as many workshops and speaker sessions as they want. It also
allows freedom for the member to choose their own level of participation.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
The technology chosen by the team for the convention will bring numerous benefits to
the target market. These benefits include increased choice and accessibility to products and
services, increased self-service giving customers more control, an increase in convenience
through mobile technology, information access is helping customers make more informed
decisions, increased automation saves time and improves customer satisfaction, experiential
marketing, and satisfies unique needs. The tables below show all the technology that could be
used by the event staff and in event execution, the uses, and the advantages/disadvantages.
Event Planning Process
Tech Name
Tech Type
Function and
Large number
Meeting, Basic
of users;
use for free
Cost for VIP
Disadvantages or
Full Function
Cannot chat
by video;
No filter for
Has bugs
needs a long
update when
Well known,
easy to use,
Virtual Meeting
Could share
the screen
able to share
the screens
To collaborate
team and assign
Has a
could be
threshold of
while still using
a planning
Has a
threshold of
GroupMe will be chosen as the communication tool and file interaction tool for the
management. At the same time, the team will use Aventri for curating and simulating financial
content. In general, different technology tools will be used for different content. In the planning
phase, the team will use more convenient options that do not require premium memberships or
advanced training.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Event Operating Process
Tech Name
Function and
Tech Type
High quality
Visual and
Fast checking
High quality
Cost for VIP
Full Function
high price
Large volume,
with low
Need to match
Vertical touch
Portable, easy
to set up
display screen
During operation and actual operation, the event team will rent all the equipment listed
above to ensure the quality of content display on site. Some of the equipment comes assembled
from the rental company, which saves time and the payment of setup crews. In addition to these
technologies, which require special planning and training, the team will also employ common
on-site safety equipment and communication equipment to address emergency situations on-site.
Event Evaluating Process
Tech Type
and purpose
Good flexibility,
feedback for
easy to use,
have a mobile version
Cost for
VIP or
Few features
choose from
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Collect data
for both
research and
Collect data
Good flexibility,
easy to use,
have a mobile version
There are a variety of data
sources and presentation
forms to choose from
Has a
threshold of
Integrated platform
Has a
Onboarding, Compliance, threshold of
360+ Feedback,
Operational Checklists…
Comprehensive employee
Has a
performance evaluation,
threshold of
HR Cloud
covering a comprehensive
In addition to outsourcing the analysis task to other companies or providing data to
professional analysts, the team can also analyze and evaluate the event independently through the
technology platform. All of the technology platforms listed above are the possible options. They
can digitize and visually present the contents and results of our exhibition from multiple aspects,
and we can make a preliminary assessment and reflection on the achievements, consumption and
satisfaction of participants of our exhibition.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Operational Plan
Site Selection & Analysis
Physical Space Features
The NVLA event planning team has selected Area15, a hot new venue that is located on
Rancho Dr in Las Vegas, Nevada. Between the various spaces in the venue, it has an indoor
capacity of 9,000 and an outdoor capacity of 15,000; overall, the venue offers 40,000 sq ft of
indoor and outdoor space. The team plans to incorporate both indoor and outdoor space to create
a unique experience that allows members to camp on-site at the event, attend classes outdoors
and enjoy the spring weather, and then take a break inside by attending classes and viewing
exhibition spaces indoors as well. Companies that wish to exhibit outdoors will have that option,
as it allows for greater creativity and fewer building restrictions (based on sprinkler systems,
etc), while those needing more utilities or better lighting can use the indoor spaces. The various
rooms in Area15 offer a fun
twist on exhibition as well,
as each room is themed and
offers stimulating
surroundings in the middle
of exhibition spaces.
The main stage and
a smaller stage for speakers
and panelists will be housed
inside, along with rooms of
vendor booths and other
exhibits. Outside will be a
space for workshops,
Area15 Overhead View
demos, safety training, &
van tours. The team picked this venue because of its diverse offerings and the outdoor aspect that
will appeal to van-lifers. Area15 also is a very safe venue for all of our attendees: there is a
security team onsite that is trained to manage crowds, patrol the premises. deal with emergency
situations & ensure all
guests feel safe. The venue
also has a code of conduct
that must be upheld by
guests at all time, as well
as current COVID-19
protocols that the entire
Area15 staff is committed
to upholding to ensure
guest and venue safety.
The Grounds, Outdoor Space at Area15
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Virtual Event Platform Features
The NVLA selected BigMarker as the virtual platform for the hybrid portion of the
convention. In order to be fitting for the event, the platform must meet several requirements:
– Must have servers that are large enough to hold hundreds of people online at once
– Must be stable enough to keep people online from anywhere
– The network latency needs to be low
– Must maintain interactivity between the host and the audience
– Must provide several different means for participant interaction
– Must include security measures to ensure all users are kept safe
– Must provide connection between in-person and virtual events
The team decided that the most desirable platform should use the HDL (HTTP-FLV)
protocol, and that it is preferable to implement a single platform that supports events of any size
and format to minimize the cost of managing multiple systems. Due to the need to bring
participants an immersive experience, the platform is required to have the characteristics of high
efficiency of data streaming and support live streaming or streaming 4K60 frames of video.
Choosing to create a hybrid portion of the event creates a lot of opportunities for growing
and developing the event, so finding the right platform was crucial. BigMarker fulfills close to
all of our requirements. It allows access to standard engagement features like screen sharing,
polls and surveys, and session recording. Attendees can also interact (with the event host’s
permission) via chat and audio/visual communication. Additionally, all sessions will be able to
stream virtually to Facebook or YouTube. BigMarker is also user friendly, as it can be used from
any device and does not have a time limit for use. BigMarker is browser-based, which means
attendees won’t have to
download any software
to use it — unlike other
virtual event platforms
on the market. Another
benefit is that it is
relatively inexpensive,
with packages based on
attendee numbers and
the length of use.
BigMarker Platform Main Screen Visualization
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
The second virtual platform chosen as an option for the online portion of the hybrid event
is vFairs. vFairs satisfies the requirements listed in the virtual platform analysis above and comes
with other unique benefits: the vFairs platform has one of the most immersive virtual activity
experiences you’ll ever come across. Members have the option to create an avatar and roam the
virtual remake of the exhibition spaces; each space is meticulously designed to resemble the reallife exhibitions, making the recreation feel realistic. Members also use animated avatars to roam
the virtual world, making it
feel like a game that is way
more interactive than just
scrolling through pages on
a website or watching a
pre-recorded video.
Organizations can use
rooms of their choice,
personalize them according
to their brand and
preferences, and provide
enough space for partners
to promote their brands.
VFairs also offers a variety
of Internet options.
Participants can initiate 1:1
vFairs Virtual Exhibition Space
or group conversations via
text, audio, or video, whatever they prefer. These interactions can be initiated on the spot or
scheduled in advance.
The full customizability of vFairs makes the platform wildly more expensive than
alternative options. If a sponsor would be willing to provide funding for this option, it is
something that the NVLA would like to offer in the future. It would be ideal to offer virtual tours
of vans and step-by-step classes with advanced interface like vFairs.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Registration and Housing Plan
Registration varies based on the type of member registering and the type of exhibitor
registering. The level of exhibition will not play a large role in the first year of the NVLA
Convention because the tier of exhibitors will be based on the point system that rolls over year
after year. However, the perks and access offered to the attendees will vary based on the type of
member that they are. Below is a table describing the registration perks for each tier of each
exhibitor and attendee type.
Top-tier exhibitor:
– Access to register 6 months before event
– Discounted preregistration
– Early marketing for event
– Logo & name on event flyers & website
– Large exhibitor booth space
– Premium pre-registration, 1 month early
– Discounted ticket price
– Vagabond badge & gift package
– Vagabond VIP room access
– $40 food voucher included
Mid-tier exhibitor:
– Pre-registration 4-3 months before event
– Logo on posts leading up to event
– Medium size booth
– 1-week advanced pre-registration
– Van-dweller
– Van-dweller lounge access
– $20 food voucher included
General exhibitor:
– Registration 2-1 month before
– General booth space
– General registration, no discounted tickets
– Purchase extra tickets to access lounge
– Can purchase food vouchers in advance
for a discounted price
Pricing Strategy
The event will offer various registration options for attendees to best fit their goals for the
event. Each day offers a one-day registration option, in case there is one presentation or session
that an attendee wants to see without registering for the whole event. The full-event registration
options include various housing options to fit the needs of the members. Since the whole premise
of the association is that people live in their vans, it is best to give people the option to camp at
the event; commuter registration allows members to camp off-site if they prefer, and the hotel
block provides for the members who will be staying in-house at the event. The table below
outlines the registration options presented to attendees.
Day Trip
– Access to day’s public sessions
– Access to online resources after the event
– One free meal voucher from vendors
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Hiker Access
– Access to all days of public sessions
– One free advanced skill session
– Access to online resources after the event
Clan Access
– Hotel room in reserved block
– Access to all days of public sessions
– Access to online resources after the event
– Exclusive access to After-Hours
– One free advanced skill session
Camper Access
– Camp spot in on-site camping (FCFS)
– Access to all days of public sessions
– Access to online resources after the event
– Exclusive access to After-Hours
– One free advanced skill sessions
Virtual Access
– Access to all sessions and advanced class recordings
– Access to one-on-one virtual appointment with vagabond
– Networking event for all virtual members with speakers
– Live human trafficking training event
Registration will be accessible through the association website; online registration will be
handled by an outsourced company. The team has selected Whova as the event registration
management provider. They will handle the online portion as well as event check-in, digital
access to event features and virtual content, and tracking of attendee data during the event.
Whova was selected because of its low per-person charge and its variety of tools available to the
event and the association. These tools, which the NVLA will make use of for the convention,
include tiered ticketing and access options, an event app, access control at in-event classes, and
data tracking. These make registration management run more smoothly, as the event
management team is not responsible for the inner workings; instead, Whova can cover all the
Various methods will be used to advertise and promote early registration from members.
First, social media will be used as a means to incentivize early registration. At the announcement
of the event, there will be a code provided on various social media platforms (through posts on
social media only, not on the website) that will, for a span of a week, give 10% off registration to
the event. After that, a giveaway will be run for a week on the NVLA’s instagram of one free
camping spot registration; each repost of the giveaway and follow of the page is a free entry to
win this prize. Each repost is exposure to new potential members, which helps with visibility for
the event and the association as a whole. Additionally, a 15% discount will be given for early
registration, which will hopefully help the association gauge interest and numbers early in the
registration timeline.
Once members register, they will be directed to download the event app (at any point up
until and during the event). This is how they will check in at the event and the various stations
(training classes, group sessions, and advanced classes). It is also where announcements will be
posted, will have access to the virtual learning opportunities like session recordings and training
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
videos, and will contain useful event information like schedules, maps, speak biographies, links
to register for advanced classes, etc.
Since there are obvious risks with online registration, including but not limited to
exposure of personal information, misuse of credit card data, breach of privacy, and other similar
issues, it is important that the NVLA’s national convention plan for data security. Whova uses
the strongest industry-standard cryptographic protocol to protect user’s data, and it comes with a
guarantee from the provider that the attendees’ information will be safe. That being said, in the
unlikely instance that there is a breach, the NVLA will be covered by purchasing an additional
coverage of electronic data loss insurance, which shifts the liability of the data loss off the
association’s shoulders.
Convention Housing Plan
The event management team has reserved part of the grounds at the venue for on-site
camping as mentioned before; a portion of this campsite will serve also as an exhibition area for
those exhibitionists who are live-in vandwellers to camp and present through the event. Those
who do not have vans or do not wish to stay in their vans will have the choice of staying at
Flamingo Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, or The Venetian Resort
Las Vegas. These properties are near the venue, Area 15, and offer a great experience with
numerous amenities. Rooms in the reserved blocks in the hotels are first come first serve, and
they are included in the registration fee for “Clan Access”-level attendees. The attendees can stay
at these hotels to receive a unique Vegas experience while still being close enough to spend time
at the event and onsite grounds whenever they choose. It will give them freedom to select how
they wish to spend their days.
The campsite area is held in one of the outdoor venue spaces, the A-Lot, which is a
32,000 sq-ft area. Based on the standard campsite dimensions of 12’ by 30’, this means that there
can reasonably be around 85 camping spots in this part of the venue. The association will reserve
five of these spots for key exhibitors and will sell out the other 80 spots to attendees, first come
first serve. This will provide a place for approximately 150 attendees (assuming some of the
campers are couples or families), but that does not account for all the attendees who are coming
to stay in hotels. Hotel block information as decided by the management team is listed below.
The NVLA wants to ensure that all attendees feel that their experience reflects one of
comfort and enjoyment; for that reason, it is important that all hotel rooms at all locations
include basic amenities such as full cleaning service, a full bath, a recreation room and gym, a
concierge service, some type of food service, a safe, a mini-fridge, and morning coffee. The
hotels that have been chosen all follow COVID-19 safety guidelines by using masks and asking
guests to respect social distancing and hand cleaning procedures. At the venue, some of the
important amenities will be a water hookup, electricity, and sewage for those staying in their
vans, all of which will be provided as a part of the venue transformation carried out by the
convention’s service provider. These amenities also make up a large portion of the event’s venue
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Room block/hotel management
For housing management, the team will work with a booking company to set up a
database that has all the event’s hotel information which will allow the attendees to review the
available hotels and make their reservations online; this database will work in tandem with
Whova, the selected event registration provider. The system will allow tracking of all rooms and
blocks of rooms, whether they are made by a group or an individual to ensure the contractual
obligations for each contracted hotel are met. The database should be set up so that event
planners can also track their room block progress through live reports in real time and make
necessary changes. It is important because the Housing Management team ensures that the event
is a win-win for all parties.
The team will help meet the mark at each hotel with effective room block management.
They will offer real-time, accurate reporting to help guarantee that there will not be unwanted
surprises. Most hotels will only sign a contract with a group that contains an attrition clause,
which means that if the client does not fill the amount of room nights they contracted for, they
will owe the hotel the difference between the number of room nights they contracted for and the
number they utilized. The NVLA depends on a team, registration system, and marketing strategy
that will work hard to avoid this penalty.
In total, the NVLA convention will reserve around 3700+ rooms across the three selected
hotels, ranging in price by location: 3450 rooms for attendees, 250 rooms for core employees and
providers/presenters, and 20 special rooms for main event sponsors. The number of attendee
rooms was estimated using attendance at similar types of fairs and the best prediction of hotel
attendance given the assumption that many attendees will want to camp during the event in their
vans in our on-site campgrounds or surrounding local campsites. Hotel rates range from $46 to
$240 per night, plus tax (currently 13 percent per night), so the event will include the fluctuations
between various prices within the price of registration. Attendees will follow a first come, first
served system to select rooms in the housing blocks (aside from subblocks reserved for sponsors,
staff, and event presenters). Since all three venues are near the event venue, attendees will be
encouraged to walk or carpool/use public transportation to access the venue. However, the
parking lots at the venue are free to all attendees, so there is flexibility if there are attendees who
have problems with accessibility or other issues that would prevent other means of transportation
from the hotels to the venue.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
The team estimates that about 30% of attendees will want to arrive the night before the
event begins (the day before official check-in begins) so they will want to access their camping
spots/hotel rooms a day early. In the same way, about 35% of the event attendees will want to
stay in their hotel rooms the night after the conclusion of the event. The NVLA will be closing
the on-site campsites on the night of the event, so campers will need to leave the campsite
without an option to stay on-site that night, but the housing block reservation will account for the
estimated number of people who will want to stay an extra night. There is an anticipated overlap
between the early arrival guests and the late departure guests, meaning that about 9% of the room
should be made
for 4 nights, with
30% being made
for Thursday Saturday night,
30% being made
for Friday Sunday night,
and the
remaining made
for the 2-night
runtime of the
event, Friday Saturday night.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Risk management and prevention
The table below shows many of the hazards and risks identified by the risk management
team for the NVLA National Convention; the table also displays the anticipated likelihood of the
described risk actually resulting in a hazard. The top three perceived hazards are outlined below
the complete table with more detailed mitigation and action plans to show what the more detailed
risk management handbook looks like for the team.
Fire Hazards
Trip/fall hazards
5 (Very high)
3 (Moderate)
Construction hazards during
3 (Moderate)
3 (Moderate)
2 (Somewhat low)
3 (Moderate)
Ergonomic risks
3 (Moderate)
3 (Moderate)
Waste disposal malfunction
1 (Very low)
5 (High)
Contamination of water source
1 (Very low)
5 (High)
Electrical failure in campsite
3 (Moderate)
4 (Somewhat
Fire from campfires
3 (Moderate)
3 (Moderate)
Electrical fire inside/outside
2 (Somewhat low)
4 (Somewhat
Gas/grease fire from cooking
3 (Moderate)
4 (Somewhat
Theft of possessions from
campsite area
5 (Very high)
5 (High)
Vandalism of venue or exhibition
3 (Moderate)
4 (Somewhat
Theft of equipment from any
event area
5 (Very high)
5 (High)
General Crime
HTM 36200
Crowd Safety
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Minor injury, does not require
4 (Somewhat high)
2 (Somewhat
3 (Moderate)
3 (Moderate)
Alcohol Poisoning/Intoxicationrelated injury
3 (Moderate)
4 (Somewhat
Major injury, requires emergency
2 (Somewhat low)
5 (High)
Active shooter/bombing threat
1 (Very low)
5 (High)
Breach of data privacy
5 (High)
5 (High)
Sex trade targeted attack
4 (Somewhat high) 5 (High)
Missing child/person
4 (Somewhat high) 5 (High)
Cancellation of speakers/session
2 (Somewhat low)
5 (High)
Cancellation of food providers
2 (Somewhat low)
4 (Somewhat
Failure of registration/mgmt
2 (Somewhat low)
5 (High)
Cancellation of room block
1 (Very low)
5 (High)
Rain/wind preventing outdoor
4 (Somewhat high) 5 (High)
Natural disaster
1 (Very low)
5 (High)
Drought at time of event
2 (Somewhat low)
3 (Moderate)
Force Majeure
As shown in the table above, risks/hazards that have orange and red-coded scores for
likelihood and impact are the most critical hazards to prepare for. Of course, it is important to
take all risks into consideration for hazard mitigation; however, for the purpose of this proposal,
the most pressing risks in terms of relevance, impact, and likelihood have been identified by the
team to include inclement weather, general theft, and targeted attacks from human
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
traffickers who have planned for the event ahead of time. The table below outlines the advanced
mitigation and response plans for the top three identified risks to the event.
1. Inclement Weather
– Set up light weather shade tents over every exhibition
– Make all outdoor signage weather resistant
– Reserve indoor space equivalent to the outdoor space
– Write procedures for moving of exhibition
– Write cancellation plans into the event execution plan
– Organize weather response team to handle the moving of
– Develop alternative plans for various weather conditions
– Identify and secure potential facility hazards prior to a flooding
– Place equipment away from elements that could fall
– Rent weather-resistance awnings and weather walls in all booths
– Rent high-power fans and other cooling devices in case of extreme
– Arrange all equipment and exhibition content into a hierarchy list
in case of evacuation
– Research the benefits provided within the National Fire Protection
Agency (NFPA) – NFPA 780, Standard for the Installation of
Lightning Protection Systems
– Divide outdoor site into sections and assign teams responsible for
control of each section
– Invest in Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance and event
cancellation insurance
1: Assess weather conditions when threat of impact is apparent.
Weather response team will make the final call to process or
If outdoor evacuation is needed:
a: make announcement over all-venue speaker system to move
b: send app alert to inform attendees that outdoor exhibition will be
c: crowd control team will move to usher all attendees to indoor
d: consult equipment hierarchy table to identify most important
e: following hierarchy table, move all equipment in order into indoor
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
f: secure speaker system and exposed unmovable equipment with
awnings/tarps as instructed by the venue staff (if equipment is
owned by venue) and provider staff (if owned by provider)
If evacuation is not needed:
a: install weather-resistant measures (fans/coolers/heaters/rain
b: send announcement to app informing attendees of weather
1. Dispatch the site conditions team to resolve any damage made by
weather such as rain or wind
2. Dispatch site engineering team to assess equipment failures and
other problems related to use and personal safety that may occur due
to weather
3. Crowd management team will establish flow indoors until outdoor
venue is reopened
4. All equipment and contents shall be put back in place after
weather has passed. This should take place at a time when the
exhibition area is closed (before opening/after closing) to reduce
traffic of attendees.
2. General Theft
– Hotel rooms will be equipped with safes and standard lock
– Safe lockers will be available in the campsite area with free access
– Attendees will be urged to lock up belongings in hotel
– Invest in Commercial Crime Insurance, Commercial General
Liability (CGL) Insurance
– Hire police patrollers to staff the campsite area overnight from
exhibition closing to opening the next morning
– Hire general security contractor to staff all exhibition areas and
campsite areas 24/7.
– Require all on-site campers to sign a waiver for liability of personal
property damage/loss to transfer liability to owners of personal
– Require all exhibitors to sign a waiver for liability of company
property to transfer liability to the company owning valuable
exhibition equipment
1. In case of reported theft, alert law enforcement authorities
2. Consult with waivers signed by exhibitors/attendees to ensure that
all the information needed to protect the NVLA from legal liability
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
1. Make formal insurance report for equipment owned by the
2. Dispatch member relations team representative to communicate
with the victim of theft (exhibitor/attendee) and provide
comfort/service available
3. Follow-up on legal action taken to track down belongings
3. Targeted Human Trafficking Attacks
– At registration, send informational email to registrants with 1minute video introducing the threat of human trafficking at events
– Request attendees to download the
– Connect with a representative from local law enforcement or a
human trafficking task force to ensure that marketing message is
– Partner with local non-for-profit addressing human trafficking to
educate the NVLA on measures to take to avoid enablement
– Provide pre-event resources and consistent messaging about human
trafficking awareness so members can be on their guard for potential
If human trafficking practices are identified and reported by
attendees or exhibitors, follow these procedures:
1. Report to local law enforcement immediately. Do not try to
apprehend any individuals without legal authority.
2. Report to hotel management the occurrence and location of the
incident and proceed with any action they need taken
Document the incident, incorporate the partnering production
organizations in taking preventative measures. Ensure that the
incident is used to educate members and the organization board for
future events and association action.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Marketing Plan
Target Markets Overview
The convention’s primary customer from the stakeholder groups are the current van
lifers. These people are the ones already on the road, looking for more information to enhance
their lifestyle and buy the products and services to make the van lives easier. They will be
attending the workshops to learn more, listening to their favorite famous van lifers on the panels
and most importantly visiting the exhibitors to buy their products for their vans and lives.
The convention’s target markets are current and prospective van lifers. These are the
people interested in learning what it takes to live on the road, listening to others’ experiences and
buying products and services to help them along the way. These are our target markets because
our event will benefit them! The in-person experiences along with demos, workshops, and items
to purchase.
Marketing Plan – Positioning
The event’s main target audience consists of prospective vandwellers, current entry-level
members of the association who are seeking connections, resources, and education to help them
make the lifestyle transition to mobile living–for this demographic, our convention is one that
provides structured class-like sessions catered to their specific educational needs. This is the only
event of its kind for the vanlife community, as other van festivals and conventions are focused
purely on the social aspect of connecting current vanlifers, creating a barrier that makes it
difficult to enter the tight-knit community. For those members who already are living mobilly,
the convention offers additional benefits of community education, taking the form (this year) of
education on travel and tourism and its role in the human trafficking market in the United States.
Attendees of this event who are seeking community can be assured that they will undoubtedly
find it while equipping themselves and their peers to make a difference and support a great
cause. Finally, there are few–if any–van life events that offer opportunities for experienced
members to truly teach. The NVLA Annual Convention will open its classrooms–indoors,
outdoors, and virtually–for those individuals who have skill to share and a passion for teaching.
Product, Price, Place, and Promotion
The event’s products are the experiences related to vanlife (life, travel, safety,
convenience, etc.), travel safety, and itinerary consulting services that will provide to the
participants, members and potential consumers. Ideally, the products mentioned above should
meet existing consumer needs. For the merchantable goods, we will provide services at all
stages, including pre-sale publicity and use guidance, after-sales problem solving, return and
exchange, etc. They will be displayed in sales Windows and special gift shops in the pavilion and
will be designed to be tax deductible or duty-free. For travel security consulting services, we will
provide different travel products for different customers, and we will update or change our
product content according to the additional needs of customers.
Since the team want to satisfy the various needs of our members, participants and
potential customers as much as possible while ensuring the quality of our work to provide
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
customers with a better shopping and service experience, we will price our products according to
the current situation and market conditions. In general, the association’s ready-made products
will mainly target middle and high-end customers. For some customers who want to improve the
quality of vanlife by cheap means, we will provide suggestions and market analysis within our
capacity. Also, if you are one of our members, then you can get some discounts while buying
ready-made products and services. The amount of discount you receive will depend on whether
the product you purchase is our sponsor and your membership level. At the event site, our
customers will also have the opportunity to try out the product at a lower price.
There are many ways to deliver the event to our target market. We will be using
registration links, emails and app updates, and other methods to get our audience excited about
the event and involved in all of the pre-event activities. The app will give members certain perks
and provide a source of information on many of the event happenings. The convention
promotional mix will consist of advertising, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations,
and sales promotion. Our advertising will be through social media, billboards, TV commercials,
radio stations, etc.
Educational human
trafficking course
Registration for
the event itself
(aside from
fees, which are
included in the
packages) is $15
per day or $35
for the whole
weekend. This
cost covers and
includes general
access to the
indoor and
exhibition space,
links for advance
sessions will be
sent periodically
via email and
app updates
leading up to the
event; the app
will be required
for additional
perks, which
will encourage
the attendees to
interact with the
session videos
on the app.
Social media,
website, app,
billboards, TV
Radio stations,
email lists from
van living info
Access to general
specific sessions
through the event
Networking event
Travel merchandise
Travel safety
Consultation (on-site
Additional merc
will be for sale
on the website
and in person at
the event in
visible booths
scattered around
the entrances to
the indoor
exhibition area.
Banner ads and
promotions on
app, discounts
for registration
and additional
access if you use
a code that is
posted on our
social media,
various package
giveaways to
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Engaging layout,
opportunity with
Registration fee
is waived for
staff of booth
At exhibitor
registration, a
link to the app
will be sent and
A/D equipment
exhibitors will
and other exhibit be required to
tech designed in download it for
partnership with full use of event
event venue staff resources. It will
have built-in
There is a
links to
special discount sponsorship
of 20% off if
register before
and upgrades for
early cutoff
exhibit features
Promotional Video
Event Internal
Social Media Platform
Booth for customer
Free to use
display platform
Advertising and
physical content
display platforms that
surpass competitors
Activity internal
resources and data
Registration fee
is waived
No booth
publicity fee
Vouchers for
food, discounts
on hotel rooms
(up to 50% off,
function of
Sponsors will be
located using the
same methods as
location of the
exhibitors. The
event will also
be brought
before providers
of outdoor living
products and
Exhibition space
will be promoted
by connecting
with exhibitors
from similar
events, reaching
out to providers
of services and
training material
for the
association, key
stakeholders like
DMOs and camp
areas, and other
partners. The
NVLA will also
offer recruitment
reward, credited
to the exhibitor’s
Email and direct
mail, in-person
website banner
ads. Each
package will be
sent in a “menu”
for each sponsor
to select the
package that best
fits their needs.
Sponsorship Packet
The benefits of being our sponsor include return on investment (ROI) over 7%,
highlighting a product or service offering (social media marketing, customized email reminder,
promotional video display), lead generation (direct face time with prospects, in-house knowledge
and resources, audience insights), opportunity to reconnect with existing customers, and
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
increased credibility as a brand (with sponsor logos, the commercial representative of the
sponsor, sponsor’s physical store, in turn establishing authority by engaging niche markets).
Tiered Sponsorships
We have several sponsorship packages that offer different elements and benefits. Our
first package is the “Presenting Sponsor” (100k). Elements include an extra-large logo on our
sponsor page, a grand opening invitation, a spot on the Thank-You-Page on our social media and
website, and promotion throughout the venue. The next package, “Supporting Sponsor”(50k),
includes a large logo on our sponsor page, a grand opening invitation, a spot on the Thank-YouPage on our website, and promotion on a handful of sections throughout the venue. Next is the
“Community Sponsors” whose elements include a logo on our sponsor page, a grand opening
invitation, and a spot on the Thank-You-Page on our website. Finally, the remaining “a la carte
sponsors” will receive a spot on the Thank-You-Page on our website.
Monetizing our online sponsorship. We will contribute to the platform and flow. We will
help sponsors and exhibitors promote and advertise their products and sell ancillary products.
This will make the participating brands harvest a larger potential customer base and promote
Some of the benefits for sponsors on online platforms include a broader audience,
internal data that will be accurately captured and used for long-term purposes (e.g. data
integration analysis and strategy), more convenient and advanced media, more exposure and less
money to spend than their competitors and offline sponsors. It is not necessary to be physically
present by a business representative.
Financial Plan
Even though this is the first year for the NVLA convention, the team is preparing for a
very large event. Events this large are not cheap, so the team must be thorough in planning for
the various expenses that will be incurred in its execution.
The following images summarize the estimated expenses in the first tab; it includes the
housing block, expenses for the event venue, utilities that will need to be installed in the
campsite, expenses for signage and transportation, etc. In order to fund all the expenses, the cost
will be split between the admission/registration fees and the contributions of various sponsors.
As shown in the budget images, the event is projected to run a slight profit; this is not to
gain income for the association, but rather to create a buffer for the inevitable unforeseen
expenses that will occur over the course of the event and its execution.
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
Evaluation Plan & Attendee Survey
Evaluating the Convention
We will have 2 ways to evaluate the convention. One survey during the whole event and
one after. Our survey during the event will be on iPads around the convention with a simple
“how engaging is area of the event?” or “how is the food at this truck?” Our post-event survey
will be sent out via the email contact we received in the event sign up. We will encourage guests
to answer several questions rating parts of the event on a scale of 1-5 as well as open ended
questions about what they enjoyed most of the event, what they would like to see next year, and
what they learned the most out of the event.
To incentivize attendees to fill out the quick 1-2 question surveys in the event we would
have a little giveaway or snack around the iPads that can be taken once the survey is completed.
This may be an event branded koozie or phone wallet sticker.
To incentivize attendees to fill out the post event survey the email will be sent
immediately after the event. If they fill out the survey, they can get a discount code added to their
association account to get money off their tickets to the event the following year. The email
would also be sent out with this incentive for the following weeks of the event.
Attendee Survey
Survey Link:
Preview of Post-Event Survey
1. What was the most beneficial part of the event?
a. open ended
2. What is something the event can improve on?
a. open ended
3. Would you attend this event again?
a. yes
b. no
4. Did this event impact your views and knowledge on van life and in what way?
a. open ended
5. How would you describe the event to someone that did not attend?
a. open ended
6. Rate your awareness on human trafficking after attending this event
a. Scale from 1 to 10, 1 being least amount of knowledge and 10 being greatest
amount of knowledge
HTM 36200
Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
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Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
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Dr. Shinyong (Shawn) Jung
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