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Glendale Community College Billy Wilders Sunset Boulevard Movie Discussion Questions

View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.





1) How is this film typical of Noir? Provide an example from the film. (3 pts.)

Sunset Boulevard is a typically categorized as a film noir. This genre refers to the highly
stylized crime films from the 1940s and 50s saturated with a cynical philosophical mood (Paul,
2017). The film deploys a lot of elements of film noir which include such as shot, angles
lighting, memorable actor, themes, and its overall structure. Like most noir films with dark
motives as well as circular constructions, Sunset Boulevard is made up of pictures with ominous
shadows and visuals all through its duration.
2) Where does the story differ from traditional hardboiled stories? Provide an example from
the story. (3 pts.)
Unlike all the other traditional famous stories, Sunset Boulevard mirrors more on reality
and what happens in the film world. Also, it explains the real life of the actors who spend most of
their youth in the spotlight only to fall out later, they cannot do anything about it, and the industries
hardly care about them, leaving them to struggle with the later hardships of the world.
Sunset Boulevard investigates public and private…

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