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Configuration Scenario

This assignment is a continuation from the Week Two assignment.

At Ray’s Food, the buyers are a critical part of the business. Management has decided that if the buyers, who often work from home, had access to the same applications as those in the corporate office they could be more productive.

Create a 1-page document detailing the actions required to configure VPN, routing, and direct access services in Windows Server® 2012 R2 to give buyers remote access to the corporate office.

Please use this directions to complete the assignment

Use the following scenario for the Week One through Five individual assignments:

Ray’s Food is a small independent grocer operating three grocery outlets throughout the city of Seattle, Washington. You are the organization’s sole network administrator, and it is your responsibility to configure and maintain all network, server, and end user hardware.

Each of the three grocery locations includes the following technology:

4 Point of Sale terminals running Windows® 10
2 Windows® 2012 R2 servers
A 1.5 Mbs T1 connected to the corporate office

In addition to the three grocery locations, Ray’s Food also has a corporate office. The corporate office technology includes:

5 Windows® 2012 R2 Servers running the following services:
Ray’s Food billing and sales applications
Domain Services
File Services

10 Windows® 10 Desktops
3 1.5 Mbs T1 connections from the grocery locations
A 20 Mbs internet connection

To purchase products for the grocery locations, Ray’s Food also utilizes buyers who work either at home or at the vendor’s locations. Each buyer has a Windows 10 laptop and a cellular internet connection

Your task is to validate and administer the technology located at the corporate office and integrate the grocery locations and buyers with the rest of the organization.

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