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IT201 Human interaction

Hi, please use this last file. Thank you


Human Computer Interaction






Question 1
Airline Reservation Systems are web-based solutions that assist in combining data and
information from all airlines globally. ARS tends to support immediate contact with passengers,
and the online websites get used often during the rescheduling of passengers’ flights. Some social
impacts of interface design are;

Interface design has built a competitive advantage by fulfilling and enhancing the
passengers’ experience in flight-related matters. The interface attracts more customers to
reserve their seats online using mobile phones or any electronic devices.

Passengers can book for their reservations online without having to visit the airport
personally. The online booking is available because ARS have advanced into the online
reservation systems globally, which support travel agencies making life easy for

Passengers also do not need to visit the airline and, worry about the air details and
availability of seats in a specific airline. ARS has made it easier for older travelers to find
their old ticket, hence finding a better option to visit a particular place.

Question 1 a)
The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a new system that enables users to interrelate using
electronic devices for reservation. The graphical User Interface is essential because it is userfriendly and attracts more customers for booking. Secondly, GUI enables customers to reserve
their seats at any time and from any location with the assistance of an online payment system.
GUI also allows clients to view the status of seat reservation via online means. Lastly, this new
system will enable custo…

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