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Hello, dear Students: If you have the novella Monique by Luisa Coelho, please continue reading it. If you do not have it, you need to acquire it immediately. All information about books is on your sy

Hello, dear Students: If you have the novella Monique by Luisa Coelho, please continue reading it.  If you do not have it, you need to acquire it immediately. All information about books is on your syllabus, on the section of books. 

On Monday, we will deal with the origin and content of the novella. I will be reviewing  elements of the plot in Monique . 

1. Please write a list of themes ( at least four) that you already perceived in the novella.

2. Write one academic paragraph (14-16 lines, coherent, cohesive; do not move abruptly from one thought to the next; you can try to use a few transitional words or any other method you wish for your paragraph to be effective (smooth development of ideas) on any section in Monique that really speaks to you. Please explain why it speaks to you. OR write an academic paragraph  on any section that you really dislike (Or does not speak to you) and explain the reason.

But be aware that the fictional story is placed at the beginning of the 20th century–very different historical realities.

By now everyone in our course should be very familiar with the notion of an academic paragraph.

3. Research on the concepts of DNA, race, gender, ethnicity, and social class. Please write the definitions in your own terms (A definition for each term); use sentences, complete thoughts for your definitions. For instance, Race is…, showing what you got out of your research in an accurate manner. Make use of sites related to social studies or literary studies. You can introduce a term, for example, Gender, and next to it, write social studies and you will have plenty of information.

Please do not use the definitions from a dictionary because they will be incomplete or inaccurate.

4. Please read on line the witty and moving essay by Sherman Alexie, “The Joy of Reading and Writing: Superman and Me.”

5. Then watch a You tube video with Sherman Alexie: “On Living Outside Borders” (Moyers & Company). There are many interviews with Alexie on line, but please watch the one with Bill Moyers.

6. Please write a paragraph response to the video, including what you learned about Alexie’s life by watching this video, and how it helped you to understand his essay in a more comprehensive way?  Moreover, also, include  what you would like to imitate and what you would have to destroy in his behavior.


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