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Applicants Personal Interests and Career Goals Paper

Please answer the following 3 essay questions outlining the applicant’s personal interests and career
goals. The answers may be either in Farsi or English. The information is checked with your consultant
and the required edits are made by our Writing Dept.
FDU uses the answers to these questions to evaluate if the applicant is the right fit for the program. FDU
also uses it to evaluate their writing skills. Please write a genuine response to each of the following
Hello, my name is Mehri Mohammadi, and I am applying for Master of Administrative Science
specialized in global technology at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Vancouver, British Columbia, and I
am answering these 3 questions based on my information, idea, and knowledge.
1. How do you think this Graduate Degree can help you achieve your career goals? (400 or more
Having a best and useful school degree and use the information and knowledges of that and all the
learnings in my real life has been my beliefs since I was a kid. I remember I always wanted to be the one
who continues studies and get the higher degree to achieve my goals. So, a little bit summary of what I
have been studying and have done for work is that in 2005, I succeeded in obtaining a post-diploma in
graphics from Soura University of Kermanshah, and in 2013 I succeeded in obtaining a bachelor’s degree
in architecture from the Islamic Azad University of Kermanshah. Also, considering that I have been the
Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and one of the engineers of the technical office of Novdis
Sarasazan Construction Company of my husband’s for four years, so to further improve my work and
cover the weaknesses of this company and minimize errors and expenditure on projects, I decided to
continue my studies abroad in a field related to the specialty and needs of the group in which I also want
to help my husband’s company in a better way and we both can achieve our goals. Being a vice
chairman of the board of directors is not an easy job, and I need to go to work every day with an
updated information and come up with new and creative plans to help the company grow up. So, I
decided to continue my studies and looked for universities in Canada because Canada is one of the top
countries in innovations and technology and I found out about Fairleigh Dickinson University, and I got
so attracted to the major of Master of Administrative Science specialized in global technology between
all the other wonderful majors. which is what I wanted to learn and can help me a lot with the future of
my husband’s company, and I want him to be proud of me while we catch our dreams and goals. I also
hope that admission committee of Fairleigh Dickinson University finds my background, knowledge, and
my strengths comparable with the requirements for Master of Administrative Science, and I am excited
to start my program there. I am also hoping that by choosing this field, I intend to learn the level of
education and science of my professional day, as well as to gain work and life experience in another
country and be able to return to my country from these experiences to improve the situation as much as
possible. Use my life and my family.
2. Please describe your greatest achievement (up to 150 words)
One of my greatest achievements so far is that I managed to be one of the top students in two separate
degrees, graphic and architectural engineering, with a high GPA, and as a result, I received a much
higher job offer than my friends and classmates who were studying the same major as me. I also got
different certifications like health, safety, and environment, worn out building deconstruction,
construction contractor tasks, electrical installation details, steel structure construction, construction
materials, mechanical equipment, and excavation all in 2020, which were my greatest achievements,
and I am trying to get more certifications while I am studying my master’s that can help me with my
master’s major and my career.
3. What motivates and inspires you? (up to 150 words)
Inner passion and a feeling of being useful in the community and workplace and helping others is the
biggest factor for my further effort. Creating a positive goal and planning and trying to achieve it and
working and team interaction to improve the situation in the community and build a better world for
myself and my children and the next generation, I always try to be a good role model for my children
and those around me so that they will be useful and positive for society and the world in the future. I’m
always looking for dynamism and moving forward, avoiding stagnation and aimlessness, and I want to
maintain this growing momentum for myself and my family by pursuing a master’s degree in
Administrative Science at Fairleigh Dickinson University. It should be noted that in addition to all the
things I mentioned, managing my personal life, maintaining the foundation of my family, and loving my
wife and children have never been forgotten, and they have always felt close to me and given me more

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