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Public Opinion Paper, Video or Presentation

Resources: Chapters 6, 7, & 11 of the text, We the People.

Prepare one of the following:

  • A 500-700 word APA formatted Paper
  • Include 2 sources on your reference page in addition to your textbook


  • A PowerPoint or Google Slide presentation with a minimum of 10 content slides
    • Include voiceover or a notes section for each slide
    • Include graphics, charts or graphs on each page
    • Provide a cohesive theme
    • Include a title and reference page
    • Include 2 sources in addition to your textbook

Two choices for topics:

1. Choice 1: Interest groups:

  • Select one issue area  (examples: the environment, healthcare, worker’s rights, civil rights, etc)
  • Research which interest groups represent your issue area
  • Examine the membership and benefits of groups
  • Provide data on how much groups contribute to politicians
  • Discuss legislation the groups helped influence

2.  Choice 2: The Media

  • What are the different forms of media? Which forms are most powerful?
    • Provide data to back your position
  • How has media changed over time?
  • Explain the different ways the media influences public opinion. Select coverage of one event and explain how the media influenced the public understanding of that event.

Submit your summary in APA format clicking on the assignment in Canvas and uploading your document. Be sure whichever assignment version you choose has an introduction, clear focus, conclusion, and references. Include a reference page for the video clip if that’s what you decide to prepare.


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