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Judiciary Short Essay

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Running head: JUDICIARY


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Matters about the judiciary and its jurisdictions can be complicated. It is through the court
of justice that the constitution, which is the supreme law of the land, can exercise its power.
Sometimes the rulings made in courts are not as expected. Some judges of the courts are not
popularly elected ,but can make significant rulings, such as scrapping popular laws. Critics have
questioned this for a long time (Professor Braunwarth, 2013). They went to the extent of asking
why the judiciary is working in different ways that do not make sense.
The answer to this question is simple, the judiciary does not work on the demands of the
people. It works on the requirements of the supreme constitution. The constitution itself does not
care about what the majority wants, it wants to ensure justice prevails (Professor Braunwarth,
2013). Therefore, it is irrespe…

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