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Cyber Attack – Research Paper

hey, her is the complete paper. go through it and in case of anything, feel free to alert me

Running head: SAFE SETTINGS1

Safe Settings

Student Name
Institution Affiliation


Cyber Attack

In June 2018, Ticketfly, a company dealing in event marketing and ticketing services,
was attacked by a hacker, who vandalized the company’s website and completely took control of
the site for a week. The hacker took control of the ticket firm’s website and then stole important
company’ data and crucial information from the company’s website, including client’s data,
phone details, names, emails and their home location personal address(Schatz, 2018). A total of
27 million people lost their information as a result of the attack on the company’s website
How the attack could have been prevented
Firstly, the firm could have carried out regular audits …

15 Million Students Helped!

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